ETRA architects is a multidisciplinary architectural firm. In addition to Architecture Department it  has: Real Estate Management, Research, Project Management and Design and Communication.

ETRA was born as the continuation of the work carried out by Fernando Antolín, in the field of design and architecture construction, the space  research and the management of major projects. Today it is consolidated by architects, designers and professionals of the construction and real estate sector, young and experienced, creating a dynamic and proactive team that continues to grow.

Fernando Antolín García
Javier J. García Valencia
Xu Li
Fernando San Román
Mónica Sarmiento Valcárcel
Ana R-G Wiggin
Luis Alió Alonso
Gerardo Torres Barthelemy
Fernando Río
Ramón Chivite García
Miguel Antolín García
Sebastián Zapata Syro
Jesús Antolín García



Architect. CEO & Owner.
Arquitect. Technical Director.
Architect. Commercial and International Area.
Real Estate Manager.
Architect. Organization and Coordination Area.
Architect. Technical consultancy.
Architect. Projects Area.
Architect. Construction Área.
Architect. Construction Área.
Technical Architect. Real estate and Works.
Creative. Design and Communication Área.
Architect. Research Área.
Architect. Technical Área.

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Carvajal & Casariego

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Hospital Architecture