The ETRA group develops consultancy/advice work in the field of the building, led both private clients and public services and administrations, or corporations who need to outsource certain services

– Architecture and town planning services

– Engineering

– Technical Due Diligence

– Audits of projects

From a wide experience of highly complex projects we offer all Project Management services in every issues that are incumbent upon real estate products, building and urban development.

– Turnkey projects

– The Searching  and management of the land, building or property

– The Preparation of the feasibility study for the project

– Preliminary draft and basic draft

– Development of the executive project.  Select contractor, OCT and OCA

– Business development, sales, and product Marketing

– The Executive Management of the work

– The Management of comprehensive documentation of the finished work


About Real Estate management, we work in the best Real Estate solution for our customers, by customizing the management on each case, interpreting the operation and studying different alternatives, both by approach from the point of view of investment and from the exploitation and asset management, through consulting for Real Estate transactions of high Yield

– Custom search for real estate assets, specialized products: office, retail, industrial, hotel, residential

– The Analysis of the best opportunities to get into the best national real estate investment markets

– Comprehensive advice in the purchase and sale of real estate feasibility studies, both technical, legal and financial (appraisals and valuations, knowledge of the market, administrative processes and legal accuracy)

– Management of real estate portfolios focused on representative buildings in the Centre of Madrid, coordinating and supervising the various services offered to our customers, with representation in various segments: floors or small buildings of offices, industrial and logistics, local commercial real estate and medium areas, hotels, residential buildings and other assets

Strategic consulting for companies such as services to users in which we offer from the knowledge of the market, the inclusion into this, feasibility of projects, maximizing profitability, through the optimization of heritage, and the minimization of the real estate costs.

Socio-economic studies, market studies, urban studies, definition of optimal product, project feasibility analysis, general spaces consulting and project analysis.


We are making management platforms for high and medium standard housing cooperatives , from the deep sector knowledge , with professionals highly skilled in design and construction,  real estate experts with skills in the management of resources both buildings  such as real estate properties, as well as several lawyers offices with years of experience in the field of cooperatives. We carry out a turnkey at the time of start-up operations, identifying the type of product that fits into the portfolio, in order to give a rapid response to the opportunities offered by the market.

– Land management and plot obtaining

– Study of plot improvement

– Promotion and establishment of cooperative

– Financial-economic  management

– Project Management

– Administrative-economic Management

– Tendering and execution of work

– Completion of the work

– Liquidation of the cooperative


We are interested in many research aspects related to architecture in general, and housing in particular, from a rethinking of the architectural space, primarily from a geometrical and topologic point of view to order a general theory that surpassed its specifically architectural origin, allows to know the structure of the form

– Studies for the creation of the architectural space from geometric archetypes; modular buildings, prefabricated, removable and minimal self-made . Social housing

– Studies of spatial networks and meshes and its applications to urban planning

– Flexibility in the creation of architectural space from the reorganization of the constituent elements. The mutable space

– Use of elementary units defined by geometric qualities and its industrial direct application such as furniture, building elements, woodwork, ceilings, partitions, etc

– Studies of patterns with geometric laws and its industrial application


– Industrial design, furniture and lighting designs. Graphic design

– Modular buildings, prefabricated, removable and minimal self made

– Interior furniture. Urban furniture. Lighting devices. Decorative lighting

– Construction elements, woodwork, ceilings, divisions, etc

– Corporate identity: Analysis, strategy, design, brand redesign

– Creativity and strategy: analysis and creation of campaigns

– Stand.  Customization and installation

– Large format: advertising in monopoles, billboards and marquees

– Advertising in general: posters, brochures, advertising in paper and web,

business presentations. PowerPoint and CD, s interactive

– Graphic design: signage, catalogues, memories, POS, posters. Packaging: for presentation of products

– Web design: communication strategy. Channels. Positioning